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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Worry For Her

Just read the Palliative Drug blog.

I seriously worry for her.

You can read her depressing post. Just click HERE.

My favourite woman!

What happened????????

I always knew she was psychotic and reclusive. But now, I finally understand exactly how traumatised she is by men. Now... is that why she... ... ...


**TOP SECRET for the sake of saving my own face**

Ok. So you can tell how prostituition can affect both men and women.

But honestly, as a man myself, I can't say that I do not look at women and their anatomies. And I cannot deny that there are men out there who simply love hookers or crave to bed as many women as they possibly can.

Just to clarify that I have never paid for sex. The main reason is that I simply do not need to pay for it. AND ALSO, I simply do not have the urge to sleep around.

Of course the temptation is always there, especially when a woman throw herself at me. But I always believe that if a woman throws herself at a man, she must have thrown herself at many other men before. And just like Palliative Drug, I am terrified of diseases. I have worked too long and too hard to risk myself to an embarrasing illness.

A loose woman is simply not good enough for me. I do hold myself up with much pride.

PD said,

"Why must a person put themselves so low as to pay for sex? Men who need to do that are those who have no good qualities in them."

I agree wholeheartedly.

When I was still in Singapore, we always talked about men who are unfaithful and those who feel the need to get a cheap thrill. It is indeed degrading for a man to act like a slut. Even I am ashamed of my fellowmen. At the end of every person's life, there is only pride and integrity left.

Besides, when I die, I want my tombstone to read,

"A loving and faithful man with pride in himself and respect for others"

And not,

"Here lies a man who visits prostitutes and wasted his life sleeping around with many women. He probably died from a sexual disease."

I cannot live with the fact that people will look at me in disgust. My female friends will no longer respect me for my character. My business associates will not trust me with their work because they will feel that I have no self-control nor determination. Basically, my whole image will be tarnished and badly stained.

Even for me as a businessman, I only put faith in employees who are faithful to their family & loved ones as it goes to show that they are commited in the things that they are responsible to.

And I only do business with companies who have a squeaky clean image.

When we entertain our clients, we bring them to a decent restaurant. When they want drinks, we bring them to a respectable wine bar with an open concept and soft music.

We do not deal with clients who want to go down to nightclubs.

We are in business. It is not fun and play.

Like I say, I do worry for PD. She is strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. I know she's going to kill me for saying this. But all the things she has seen, and perhaps gone thru, has caused her to lose her faith in many things.

It will take one extremely patient and loyal man to sweep her off her feet.

I know a few women who do not put their trust in men. I don't blame them. But some really decent men have suffered for the mistakes of others. Me included. I lost the one I love (and still love) because she was never ready to accept a guy who has to work overseas. I would have gladly offered to bring her with me, but she did not want to come.

Bummer. Really. But I have accepted this as time goes by. Maybe someday, she'll change her mind. Eventually.


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